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AHUR6FBT9KRepeating calendar entries were not displaying correctly.
FMYL6BP27KFixed a problem where an appointment or meeting name was displayed without encoding in the Notes client calendar view.
NRBY6EPRRWMicrosoft Outlook no longer NSDs when opening the profile for the first time.
NRBY69ULL9 During a standard install, an Administrator can now add a line to the Notes.ini, by using a -i parameter in the user's silent install info file....
NRBY69PQZ4When starting Outlook/DAMO, customers would like a way to have a default profile chosen, so that they do not need to manually choose a profile. This...
MROE6CKFWSUsers were receiving multiple read receipts for the same message in DAMO. Fixed the code to only deliver one.
MROE69DLGJ Added code that logs the progress of DAMO silent installation. At various stages, a notes.ini variable will be written indicating the...
MROE6CRJ83Added code to prevent the DAMO data directory path string from containing extended characters when the user is creating their profile. If a...
YFWI5XM8ZXThe reply recipient list is now supported. The delivery option to reply-to wasn't supported prior to this version.
ARON6FCKV5Removed obsolete code from dfosetup.exe.
NRBY6J7QYYWith this fix, .pst files will now be encrypted by default.
JCIK6H4N6UThis fix exposes the SSL on authentication option when using Fixed mode in DWA Redirect.
NRBY6JLKB4When other mapi applications besides Microsoft Outlook are used, the outlook.exe process (which has no UI at this point) often hangs in the...
SBOR6A3SPTDomino Access for Outlook NSD's are now created in the Data\IBM_TECHNICAL_SUPPORT directory and not in the general Data Directory.
TMAI6AQBDZFixed a problem where raw LMBCS data was exposed instead of converted to DBCS characters "dot was followed by each DBCS character" with DBCS Contact...
MROE6JENDJOccasionally, during the creation of a MAPI profile, a status message is given that is indicative of an error. No error is really occurring, but the...
MROE6JEMHDWhen users upgrade to DAMO 6.5.5, they should be informed of the advantage of recreating their profile to take advantage of new features, during the...
MROE6CBKLGDuring a Silent install, if errors are encountered, a value is returned to assist in troubleshooting. Previously, just the error codes were...
MHOL6FEJ8MThe combination of Single Logon during a multi-user install is invalid and needs to be prevented from being chosen by the user. Since Single Sign-on...
JFEA6GFKZ3On Microsoft Outlook XP, when the user exits Outlook/DAMO, the outlook.exe proces was intermittently left running in the background. This would...
TSUA6AQ9DZFixed a problem where an invitation added by Microsoft Outlook contained garbage characters before each DBCS character in the title and location...
MROE6M8PZSA machine that had 2 different DAMO profiles set up on it would sometimes have an issue where one profile would attempt to access the data defined in...
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